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I am completely committed to providing the best possible care to patients. And by referring to AgileOrtho group, you’re choosing first-rate care for your patient, as well as the lower cost and greater convenience associated.

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Hello, I’m Dr. Nandram Saryam. Many people never see a specialist and spend their lives suffering from pain without relief. Successfully treating severe patients pain isn’t just about covering up the problem. It’s about uncovering specific triggers, addressing the root cause, and re-engaging back into your life.

Location : silota bichhua

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Bachelor of medicine

Registration No.G-38615

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Dr.Harisingh gaur university sagar mp 2016
Bachelor of medicine & bachelor of surgery Grade 2
Master of surgery in orthopaedics Grade 2

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    Perform orthopaedic trauma and cold cases surgery I have research in clubfoot of children age group and neglected clubfoot. I have present one research paper on unicompartment osteoarthritis knee joint treated by some coservative methods
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